Our products fall into two categories: complete software systems, and software components which are available either for license, or for us to build into a bespoke software product for you.

Software components

Library components which can be used within larger products, either built by us, or licensed to you for use in your own projects. SpiffyMap is the sole owner of the intellectual property within these components so we can be flexible on licensing options.


SpiffyChart is a cross-platform drawing system which can render marine charts to the IMO S-52 standard on the client side. It works within web browsers (as Javascript), on mobile devices (as a native app) and on the desktop. Any S-57 or S-63 chart data can be used.

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SpiffyPaper is our innovative cross-platform vector drawing system. It provides a high-level drawing abstraction as a Java API, so that the same drawing code (written in Java) can be used to produce results on the web (via GWT), on the Desktop (via JavaFX), within a native app in iOS or Android (via PhoneGap), or on a “headless” server, perhaps in the cloud (via Batik).

The API includes abstractions for mouse and touch events, and supports a wide range of web browsers, right back to IE8 (for users, typically in large organisations, who still need to use Windows XP).

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