Privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to users of the website only. Since the website doesn't sell anything, this is really simple. But we think it's important to make it explicit nonetheless.

Registered users

If you have been issued with a username and password to log in, this username is associated with your personal data held by SpiffyMap Ltd. If you log in, details of your activity on the website are recorded against your personal data. If you do not log in, the system will treat you as an unregistered user and your usage data is not connected with your personal data.

Unregistered users

If you have not been issued with a username, or do not log in, SpiffyMap may store website usage data but does not make any attempt to connect it with your personal identity.

Third parties

SpiffyMap does not disclose personal data to third parties for any reason.


This website does not issue cookies unless you log in, in which case a cookie is sent to your browser to identify you, and this cookie will persist until you close your web browser. You can delete it earlier, but if you do, you may be required to log in again when you next change page to an access-controlled page.

This website includes code from Google Analytics, which allow Google to track your browser through this website for the purpose of usage statistics. No attempt is made by SpiffyMap to connect the usage data with personal data. Google's code may send cookies to your browser with names which begin “__utm”. These can safely be deleted at any time without affecting access to the website.