About SpiffyMap

“SpiffyMap” is SpiffyMap Limited, a privately-owned British software company.

Our vision

SpiffyMap's mission is to make high-quality software and beautiful maps. We develop innovative, cutting-edge software for map and chart display, including software for interactive web-based maps, and marine charts for ECDIS and similar systems.

We strive to be an ethical company and are based wholly in the UK - all development is done in our Coventry office, not offshore. Being able to visit us frequently and talk directly to all the developers gives our UK-based customers the best possible fit to their needs; while the fact that we are a small, agile company means we have low overheads and can offer highly competitive rates.

We believe strongly in good design: both the internal design of the software, and the visual graphic design, whether the software is for maps or any other user interface. Our logo echoes the yin-yang symbol, representing the ideal balance between the complementary forces of form and function. The full stop or period after “map” (since we're sometimes asked about it) is actually the dark dot from the lighter half of the ideogram.

How we got started

The company was founded in 2009 by Dr Jonathan Harley who is still the Managing Director (CEO) and Dr Stephen Zara, both PhD graduates with experience of developing software going back to the 1980s, and commercial Java programming experience back to the late 90s. Dr Harley installed his first web server professionally in 1994 and has been developing for the web ever since.

What we do now

We are based on the University of Warwick Science Park, in a building reserved for growth-oriented high-technology start-up companies. (We're not really a start-up any more, but we were when we arrived!)

As well as working on bespoke software solutions for our clients, we have been developing our own technology stack for cross-platform vector drawing (whether of maps or anything else). We are in the process of developing a number of applications upon it, the first of which is SpiffyChart, a library for drawing marine charts to the international S-52 standard. Our technology is available for license to other software development houses.

Statutory information

SpiffyMap Limited is registered in England & Wales and subject to English law and jurisdiction. The Companies Act 2006 requires that all companies display their Companies House registration number on their website and ours is 6638665. Our VAT registration number is 105073260.

Our registered office is the same as our postal address - see contact us.